bbl players – Players change referees! The former Lakers point guard is expected to “return to the NBA”

January 12, 2023

The NBA may have another referee who is a player. The former Lakers point guard Smush Parker is working in this direction and starting to enforce the law in other basketball leagues.

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It is probably not far from his “return” to the NBA. Smashpak is 41 years old. He will not be the first former player to transfer to a referee, but he is one of the more famous players, mainly because of his relationship with Kobe Bryant.

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Smashpak played for the Lakers in the two seasons of 2005-07. He played 164 games as the main point guard of the Lakers. One of the games was called the “strongest backcourt combination” by fans because of the 94 points with Brian. (Brian scored 81 points).

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Parker’s real name is not Smush. Smush means to hit people. It is said to be his nickname for playing rough. Among all his teammates, Brian doesn’t like Smush Parker the most.

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Brian once commented in 2012: “Smash Parker is not qualified to play in the NBA at all, just because the Lakers are too stingy to buy a real point guard.” Smash Parker also hates Brian. Until Brian died, neither of them reconciled.

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In his last NBA season, Smash Parker played in the speedboat (2007-08), averaging 9 points, 2.4 rebounds and 2.9 assists in his career. Later, he joined the CBA Guangdong Hongyuan team in mainland China, and has also been to Russia, Greece, Iran, Dominica, Croatia and other countries. Now, after changing the track, he is expected to step on the NBA court again in another capacity.

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