bbl scores – Bill Gates – NBA’s full force Zhan reappears! James hit a new high of 48 points this season and the Lakers withdrew from the Rockets

January 17, 2023

Farewell from the haze of last night’s record night’s loss. James is now facing the Rockets with full fire. The time to play is up to 36 minutes for the whole team.

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He won a new high of 48 points this season and led the team to 140:132 to reward the Rockets with 11 consecutive defeats.

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The Lakers lost seven or six in the previous game and swallowed three consecutive defeats, leaving LeBron James with a record night of breaking 38000 points.

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Today’s back-to-back game, 38-year-old Zhan Huang still performed bravely and scored the team’s highest 18 points in the first half, while Patrick Beverley scored three three-point shots and scored 11 points, helping the Lakers take the lead after the half.

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In the first half of the Rockets, Alperen Sengun scored the team’s highest 20 points and Eric Gordon scored 15 points, but the team’s three-point shooting rate in the first half was only 25%, which was difficult to compete with the Lakers.

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Although the Rockets once caught up with only 3 points to fall behind in the decisive section, James, the first brother of Zijin, stepped forward again and scored 20 points in a single section to stop the opponent’s counter-attack, and the Lakers also successfully suspended the losing streak.

The Lakers’ James played for 36 minutes at most in this game, with a total performance of 48 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists, and the substitute Russell Westbrook injected 24 points; It is worth mentioning that the Lakers made only two mistakes today, with a team shooting rate of 53.8%. Rockets Sengen contributed the highest 33 points and 15 rebounds of the team.

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