bbl teams – In the NBA game, someone threw “this gun” on the court, and the Heat center quarreled with the coach

January 11, 2023

The Heat faced the Thunder attack at home today, with about 9:15 seconds left in the next quarter. After the Miami point guard Gabe Vincent took the ball half way, suddenly a massage gun flew onto the court, which made everyone look silly. The match was also suspended. The referee quickly found the murderer, and it was the Heat’s senior center, Dewayne Dedmon, who was on the bench at that time, who lost the gun. He received a technical foul and was expelled from the game.

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In the first half of the match between the Heat and the Thunder, there was an unexpected episode. After a quarrel with the coach Erik Spoelstra on the sideline, the senior center of the Heat, Damon, threw the massage gun on the court in a fit of anger. At that time, there was about 9:15 seconds left in the next quarter of the game. Damon immediately received the technical foul and was driven out, leaving the data of 2 points and 3 rebounds.

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Damon has played for the Heat in the past three seasons, mainly as a substitute. He started 15 games last season, and started from the bench in the first 28 games of this season. He played 11.9 minutes per game, and could score 6 points and 3.7 rebounds. Before throwing the massage gun, Dimon had a “fierce” communication with the coach, Speicher, on the bench. At present, it is not clear why they quarreled. However, from the expression of Dimon’s face, it seems that he is quite dissatisfied and more excited.

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The fans were quite dumbfounded when they saw that Dimon threw the massage gun randomly. They “predicted” that he might be sent away before the trade deadline in February. Others said, “This is the great heat culture, right?”

It is worth mentioning that Jimmy Butler, the first brother of the Heat, also played on the sidelines last season with the “team spirit” Udonis Haslem. ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst revealed at that time, “Butler had no way to maintain a good relationship with the team in the past, so when Spostro said to him,” I know you are crazy “, I think that was true. Although both sides were in a hot atmosphere at that time, I think the coach really thought that.”

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